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Apatite Iris Necklace
California 805 Bracelet
Vero Beach Bracelet
Vermont Bracelets
Block Island Zip Code Envy Bracelets
Fairfield County Bracelets
Silver Rectangle Finger Cuff
Argyle Pendant Necklace in Silver and Brass
Ring and Bar Necklace in Brass and Oxidized Silver
Silver "Flip" Cuff Bracelet
Brass 'Flip" Cuff Bracelet
Bridal Amethyst Necklace
Blue Opal Ruffle Necklace
Birthday Girl Necklace
Baroque Silver Pearl Earrings
Baroque Pearl Necklace with Sapphire
Baroque Gold Pearl Earrings
August Silver Birthstone Necklace
August Birthstone Silver Raindrop Earrings
Aquamarine Simple Earrings
Aquamarine Quarter Ruffle Necklace
Aquamarine Heart Necklace
Aquamarine Drop Earrings
April Silver Birthstone Necklace
April Gold Birthstone Necklace
April Birthstone Silver Raindrop Earrings
Amethyst Cluster Necklace