Luke's Toy Factory

As a small boy, Luke Barber couldn't get enough of trucks, cars, trains... anything with wheels. That passion has never left, so it made sense that he would learn to design toys and bring them to life. Most importantly, Luke wanted his toys to be made here in the U.S. with locally sourced materials. And they are! Luke's Toy Factory is a startup founded by Luke, his father Jim, and another father/son pair - Mitch and Evan. 

Luke designs toys with a simple, old school wooden style. These are toys that look like they could have been hand crafted by a skilled wood worker, designed like a real truck. But our toys are made using state of the art manufacturing processes and materials, right here in the USA. Everything we use to make our toys - every sourced material, every tool and every supplier we use is American.

We've taken out 30% of the plastic ...and replaced it with organic materials -sawdust, to be exact, from U.S. furniture mills and window factories. This is combined with safe, certified clean plastic pellets to make our toys. The organic material (sawdust) that goes into the toy varies, so some colors will vary slightly from the images. Though you can see the wood fibers in the plastic, the feel of the toy is silky smooth.

Colors are molded in, not painted on. So there's nothing to flake off.

No BPA or Phthalates ...are in our toys. Our toys meet or exceed all USA safety standards. The plastic part of our toys is Polypropylene, one of the safest plastics in existence.  Our goal is to balance eco-friendly with safety and sustainability, while making toys that are affordable and fun.

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Fire Truck
Cargo Truck
Dump Truck
Tipper Truck
Educational Recycling Truck
Educational Four-Pack
Stake Truck