Lydia Tucci designs jewelry to be worn daily – minimal, bold, and timeless.

She was born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Her interest in art and design started at a very young age. She can’t remember any period of time when she wasn’t making sketches, designing, or making things with her hands. Her fascination for how an abstract thought could be transformed into a tangible space led her to pursue careers in architecture, interior design, and set design. This background has shaped and inspired her designs.

Her work draws upon both the organic curves and shapes of nature and the stark geometric forms found in architecture. She loves to sketch but for more complex pieces, she makes paper or brass models and works on the technical details before making the final piece in silver. All of her jewelry is created by hand from sheet, wire, tubing, and semi-precious stones mostly in silver using traditional and modern techniques at her home studio. Her vision is to create simple pieces with clean lines and minimal designs. In her design process, she strives to remove elements until the intention of the design is complete. The less is more until more is no longer needed approach. During the design process, she also pays attention to the negative spaces. Each piece is created by hand with attention to details and to being well made.

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