Me Do

Me Do is a unisex, sensory free clothing brand aimed to teach your preschoolers how to get dressed in fun way! The Me Do Bunnies are here to help your little one learn how to dress themselves with the interior directional cues led by the beloved bunnies. Inside of your Everyday Tee or Favorite Sweatpant your child will see the face of the bunny on the front of their garment or the cute bushy tail carefully placed on the back. Even better, there's no texture to the bunnies so that it doesn't distract from the learning process. There are four products, Tees, shorts, long sleeves and sweats sized 2T - 6 and more to come in the future. Enjoy!

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Me Do. Learn-to-Dress Pink Tee Shirt Front
Me Do. Learn-to-Dress Grey Sweat Pant Front
Learn to Dress Every Day Unisex, Adaptive, Seamless Long Sleeve Tee
Learn to Dress Every Day Easy Up Unisex, Adaptive, Seamless, Shorts