Susan Roberts Jewelry

A Connecticut native, Susan Roberts has been designing and making jewelry for more than 20 years. Prior to venturing out on her own, Susan spent 13 years as a buyer specializing in antiques, home decor, clothing and accessories. She enjoyed creating elaborate set designs and floral arrangements, bringing together each element to create an environment of shabby chic.

Susan’s unique style stems from her love of art, color, and fashion. She believes in creating distinctly feminine pieces that combine organic elegance with a posh, urban flair. Her namesake collection features fluid wrap bracelets, cascading earrings, lariats and other original pieces accentuated by hand-selected semi-precious stones and made to transition seamlessly from everyday wear to special occasions. As she works, Susan says she imagines an artist’s palette—mixing layer upon layer of color with different shapes and designs.

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Apatite Iris Necklace
Bridal Amethyst Necklace
Blue Opal Ruffle Necklace
Birthday Girl Necklace
Baroque Silver Pearl Earrings
Baroque Pearl Necklace with Sapphire
Baroque Gold Pearl Earrings
August Silver Birthstone Necklace
August Birthstone Silver Raindrop Earrings
Aquamarine Simple Earrings
Aquamarine Quarter Ruffle Necklace
Aquamarine Heart Necklace
Aquamarine Drop Earrings
April Silver Birthstone Necklace
April Gold Birthstone Necklace
April Birthstone Silver Raindrop Earrings
Amethyst Cluster Necklace