Sux Straws

Founders Anne Epstein, Anne Greenberg, + Ronit Tarshis Sipping vodka-soda-lime through paper straws in Nantucket in July, '18, we were fairly certain the anti-straw movement was a conspiracy by restaurant owners to increase beverage consumption. As anyone who has ever used a paper straw knows, if you don't finish your drink within 3 minutes, the straw disintegrates, rendering it useless. The anti-straw movement was sweeping the country and it was becoming increasingly difficult to come by a decent straw anywhere.Watching the sun set over Nantucket Sound, we had our 'Aha!' moment... if we were not going to be served a functional straw any longer, we would just have to bring our own. A quick Amazon search revealed plenty of reusable straws on the market, but none of quality, compact enough to carry with you, hygienic, that wouldn't leak all over your bag. Hence, the idea for SUX was born... a reusable, telescoping, stainless steel straw with a cleaning brush and tight-sealing stainless case that can be placed in its entirety into the dishwasher each night. As moms and responsible world citizens, we were excited to develop a product that would help reduce waste and promote environmentally friendly habits. And beyond practicality, our inner style mavens demanded that our straws be sleek, luxe, and current. Now available in a variety of colors and customizable for promotional purposes, we are thrilled to have given life to our vision and invite you to SUX with us!
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Sux Straws Travel Set
Reusable Straw Tip Pack (Set of 10)
Stainless Steel Reusable Straw (Variety of Colors)